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How to Keep AC Cooling Costs Low

Keeping your Naples home comes at a price and if you aren’t careful, that price could be one that sends your budget in a whirlwind. It is important to be proactive about summer cooling and keeping costs low. Otherwise, you may find all your money going to pay the energy bills. But, how can you keep AC cooling cost low without sacrificing your comfort?

Adjust the Thermostat

If you set the air conditioning setting to 78 degrees F while you’re at home and two to three degrees higher when you’re at work you’ll reduce costs by about 10%. Or, upgrade your system to a programmable thermostat. Many homeowners have made the switch and enjoy more comfortable temperatures day in and day out.

Don’t use the Stove/Oven

When Naples temperatures are beating down at their hottest, avoid using the stove or the oven to prepare meals. Instead, plan a cookout or use a crockpot to prepare a meal for the family. You’ll keep it cool in the house when you avoid turning on the stove.

Plant a Tree

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It is beneficial to the environment when trees are planted, but more so for the homeowner, it reduces the amount of sun that shines into the home through the windows or the roof. Trees cool down the house while substantiating the curb appeal and value of the property. Keep trees planted a minimum of 15-ft. from the house to prevent foundation problems.

Call for Service

You can avoid the need for regular breakdowns when you schedule preventative maintenance services each year with your trusted repair technicians. Of course, when problems do occur, you shouldn’t wait to call to get air conditioning repair in Naples FL. Delaying repair only causes you to suffer and the problems to worsen.